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EverSure Insurance Strategies

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Your Medicare Experts

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EverSure Insurance Strategies was built on the principle that everyone deserves straight-forward and thorough information when it comes to Medicare. We understand that researching, selecting and signing up for the right Medicare plan is challenging and time-consuming. Our job is to make that task easier for our clients.

As  a trusted Medicare insurance broker, we work with you to help determine your specific needs. Then, we research the many plans, and present your options. Once you’ve made your choice, we help you enroll and provide assistance with any claims or issues that may arise — all at no cost to you.

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Why Choose a Broker Over an Agent?

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Unlike many Medicare agents, we do not work with a limited number of Medicare insurers — we evaluate all of the plans and direct you to the ones that we feel will fit your needs. Our customers are our clients, not insurance companies.

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The EverSure Team

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  • Ryann Little
    Ryann LittleFounder/Medicare Specialist

    Ryann founded EverSure Insurance Strategies to fill a need for Seniors to have an honest and dependable resource when it comes to Medicare and Senior Insurance. She began her Insurance career in 2009 as an independent health agent, and has since expanded her passion for customer service to the Medicare field.

    She has a knack for problem solving, and feels truly rewarded when she’s able to touch her client’s life in a positive way.

    Born and raised in Colorado, she now lives in North Carolina with her Husband and her American Bully puppy. When she’s not meeting with her clients in Colorado and North Carolina, she loves spending time outdoors with her family and exploring historical places.

    “As a young professional, I’ve been fortunate to learn and appreciate the importance of relationships that value honesty and integrity, and I’m so happy and excited to be able to apply these high standards in my own business to serve others.”  — Ryann

  • Dannette Riddle
    Dannette RiddleMedicare Specialist

    Dannette lived and worked in Colorado, as a successful small business owner since 1986. In 2001, she was recruited by a large national health insurance company where she worked as an independent agent and later was promoted to District Manager. There, she realized her love for helping people by assisting them through the most difficult of health situations.

    Today, she enjoys meeting with Seniors and their families in Colorado and North Carolina, guiding them through all things Medicare.

    Dannette has three daughters and two grandsons. In addition to her Medicare work, she enjoys playing cards, attending her Spanish language classes and spending time with her family.

    “I’ve long understood the importance of protecting our health and doing the best we can to take care of ourselves. Now that I’m on Medicare myself, I can relate to others’ needs and concerns in that regard.”
    — Dannette

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